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Spiral View Photography: The Essentials

It all started in 2009. A girl says she wants to see 25 states by the time she’s 25. A boy says why stop there? Let’s do all 50, despite having only been to 4 by age 20. This was the start of an incredible lifestyle for this now married couple and their 1.5 children.

Spiral View Photography is run by Vince and Jamie Sciandra. We’ve visited all 50 states (by 26), 38 US National Parks and over 10 countries. We capture moments to live in while between trips.

Between pandemics and toddlers, traveling has slowed down, but we still find ways to keep busy. We have been able to focus more on the DMV, finding niche locations to explore as a family. When at home, Vince uses his engineering background to create computational and high speed photographs. He’s also gotten into wildlife photography to feed his daughter’s insatiable need to see birds.  

We invite you to browse our gallery and hope you enjoy our photos as much as we did taking them. Please contact us with any questions or special requests.

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