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Milky Way over Big Bend

Milky Way over Big Bend

The desert is always an amazing location for star photography and Big Bend's remoteness makes it especially great. This photo is a composite of Mexican cliffs with the Milky Way overhead. The photo is taken from the Rio Grande River durring the dry season, allowing us to stand on the US-Mexican border.

Captured under the blanket of a star-studded night sky, this fine art photograph depicts the majestic Milky Way galaxy as it arcs gracefully over the towering walls of Santa Elena Canyon, observed from the tranquil banks of the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park. The celestial river, adorned with countless twinkling stars, weaves its luminous path through the darkness, illuminating the rugged beauty of the canyon below.


Transport yourself to a realm of awe-inspiring wonder with this exquisite print, where the grandeur of nature meets the splendor of the cosmos. Let the ethereal glow of the Milky Way serve as a captivating focal point, drawing you into a moment of serenity and contemplation. With its breathtaking composition and impeccable detail, this photograph is not just a piece of art but a gateway to endless exploration and discovery. Invite the mystique of the universe into your home and embark on a journey of imagination and wonder every time you gaze upon this stunning masterpiece.

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