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Statue of Frank Beamer

Statue of Frank Beamer

Introducing our exclusive Photographic Fine Art Print capturing the iconic statue of Frank Beamer outside Lane Stadium, meticulously crafted to elevate your home decor with a touch of sports nostalgia. This exquisite print showcases the legendary coach in a dynamic pose, celebrating his enduring legacy at Virginia Tech. Available in two premium options, you can choose the timeless elegance of a fine art paper print, perfect for framing and adding a classic touch to any room. Alternatively, opt for the contemporary allure of a wall-mounted aluminum sheet, providing a sleek and modern display that complements the statue's grandeur. The high-quality printing process ensures vivid colors, intricate details, and a lifelike representation, making this piece a standout addition to your collection of sports memorabilia. Whether you're a devoted Hokies fan or an art enthusiast, this piece pays homage to a coaching legend and serves as a striking focal point for any space.

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